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At Biopharma Engineering we hire only the most talented and passionate team players who are excited by the prospect of working with a company in growth.
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What sets us apart? At BioPharma Engineering you are not just a number in a large corporation. You are a vital part of the team and an integral part of our client’s projects.

This is why at BPE we hire only the most talented and passionate team players who are excited by the prospect of working with a company in growth. This company is built on entrepreneurial spirit and we are a team of high achievers in both a personal and work capacity.

With a career at BioPharma Engineering, you will be working with the latest in industry technologies, working with the world’s top tier pharmaceuticals and have opportunities for personal and professional growth through training and promotion. At BioPharma Engineering we want to grow our business as well as your career and to that, we rely on the skills of our people.

Design your future

we are dynamic

This is a fast paced office which survives on close interactions with all the teams. We work with multiple clients and on multiple projects at any one time which means no two days are the same here at BPE.


we are flexible

Our flexible hours mean that we can accommodate the majority of schedules and lifestyles. Where possible, we offer staff flexibility in their work week to accommodate family life. We have remote and onsite staff as well as people working full and part time.


we take "work/life" balance seriously

We make sure that your weekend is your weekend with the office officially closing early on Fridays.

Manage your career

We are at the forefront of technology

As a strategic differentiator, we ensure we are using all next generation applications and leading edge techniques that will set us and our customers apart.


we educate

We assist with 3rd level education courses, certificates and on the job training for those seeking to improve their knowledge.


we listen

Have an idea that will improve how you or the company works ? Our Directors & Management operate on an open door policy and honest, open communication lines.

Deliver your goals

we reward

As a small company we see hard work when it happens.


we give back

We recognise our social responsibility by sponsoring several charities. We are also passionate about inspiring the next generation to take up a career in STEM. We regularly support STEM initiatives in our local schools and community.


we celebrate

As well as our annual Summer BBQ and Christmas celebrations, we make sure to celebrate project completions and special occasions.