Facility Development and Capacity Expansion

Baxter Updated Case Study

Project Overview

BPE have successfully completed the conceptual and detailed design for a client in the UK. The capacity expansion for the  added an additional 40 million units to the facility. The project has delivered new equipment and process facilities to support key site strategies including improved compliance and operational efficiencies.
This Redevelopment Program is broken into three phase’s 1A, 1B & 2 to achieve the site end state master layout.

Integration of Baxter process equipment:
– Fillers
– Pouching
– Sterilisers including trucks handling system and packing
Process (RO and WFI) Water (production and distribution).
Weighing and mixing areas (Venturi transfer system, mixing tanks and mixers).
Solution Transmission System (pumps, filters and piping).
Utilities distribution and added capacity where required
(CA, steam and condensate, CW, HW, CTW, vacuum and electrical).
Sterility Lab Clean Room (Including HVAC).
Clean Room Complex (Including HVAC).
Additional AHU’s.
New Smart high efficiency chillers.

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  • Front End Study
  • Detail Design
  • Process Design
  • HVAC & Building Services
  • 3D & Smart modelling
  • Estimate & Cost Control
  • Overall Cost & Program Management
  • Design