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Biopharma Engineering joins Unispace

We’re excited to ring in 2022 by announcing that we have being acquired by Unispace. Unispace is an established workplace and laboratory fit-out firm with a global footprint and cross-industry clients. BioPharma Engineering, which becomes BPE, a Unispace Life Sciences company, will be positioned to become a Unispace Life Sciences Centre of Excellence in Ireland that will deliver […]

BPE – Best In Class Employers

BPE have been awarded the prestigious BE MARK award which recognises best in class Employers. The award is recognition of our top class results from our Employee Engagement Programme What does that mean ? It means that when our team was surveyed and interviewed 1:1 by a third party , our team all agreed that they […]

5 Top Tips for Virtual Interviewing for Employers

While the last 12 months has changed the landscape of how we recruit, employ and work, it is certain that we have adapted quickly to ensure the smooth running and growth of our businesses. However, with returning to the office on the horizon, it’s important to reflect on the efficient methods we have incorporated into […]