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BPE Insight: April 2014 Newsletter

Welcome to our April Newsletter. In this issue we have included a brief overview of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and the implications of power loss along with an article on HVAC Optimization in Pharmaceutical Facilities. For more information on our current projects and to sign up to our email newsletter, please go onto our […]


BioPharma secures Basis of Design (BOD) for New OSD Plant in China

BioPharma Engineering has recently secured Basis of Design phase works for a new Large Scale Continuous process OSD plant in China. BPE have been engaged to complete the BOD and cost estimate for a new multi-product large scale OSD plant incorporating continuous granulation processing (wet + dry) with all associated tabletting, capsule filling and finished […]

BPE Insight: November 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to our November Newsletter. In this month’s issue, we will focus on BioPharma’s experience of Critical Utility Projects and our specific experience and address the three most common forms of tendering / procurement used by our clients. As we continue to grow, we would like to also introduce our new team members. For more […]